Tooth Extraction

What you need to know about teeth extraction

Tooth extraction is usually the last resort after all other alternatives have been considered to save the tooth. Our dentists will first assess the affected tooth to determine whether any part of its structure can be salvaged or preserved through alternative treatments such as root canals, crown applications, or dental implants.

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In case other treatments prove to be ineffective, the tooth needs to be extracted to prevent any prevailing decay from spreading to other teeth. If you have chronic gum disease, deep cracks in your tooth structure, or tooth decay that has descended to the root, there is no other alternative except extraction. 

Besides irreparable tooth decay, extraction is also a necessary step in the process of attaching dental braces to create some room to realign the teeth uniformly. 

Cost To Pull A Tooth

Depending on how complicated your procedure is, the cost to pull frontal teeth all the way to the back molars starts at $250-$350 for simple extractions. However, teeth that need surgical removal will cost $950-$1,250. We’ll explain the difference below.

Simple Extraction


A dental procedure where your tooth is removed non-surgically.

Typically used for teeth that have fully erupted into the mouth and are accessible.

The process involves loosening and pulling out the tooth with dental instruments, often under local anesthesia.

Surgical Removal


This involves surgically extracting a tooth that hasn’t fully emerged or is impacted within the jawbone.

The procedure may require incisions in the gums and removal of bone.

It’s more complex than a simple extraction, often requiring general anesthesia or sedation.

Should you be entitled to Medisave claims, you can claim up to S$1,250 for surgical procedures via Medisave.

In order to keep your smile from missing a few gaps, the natural step post-extraction would be the consideration of placing implants or dentures to fill the empty space of the extracted tooth or teeth. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

When is tooth extraction necessary?

Tooth extraction is generally the last resort if a tooth cannot be salvaged by root canals, crown applications, or dental implants. A tooth can become unsalvagable if it has suffered damage, decay, or gum disease. You might also need an extraction because of a wisdom tooth causing problems.

After tooth extraction, what can I eat?

You must take care of the area where the tooth was extracted so avoid foods that are hard and foods that are sticky, such as nuts, nougat, jerky or sweets. Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking. Avoid hot or cold drinks because you might experience sensitivity.

How does a tooth extraction heal?

Healing typically occurs in stages: initial healing, where the gum tissue closes over the extraction site, takes about one to two weeks. Deeper bone healing can take several weeks to months.

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