Gum Whitening (Gum Depigmentation)

Dr. Kelvin Chua

By Dr. Kelvin Chua & team

Clinical Director, Gentle Smile Dental Studio

Getting those perfect pink gums

The ideal healthy gum colour is always thought to be pink and firm, not brown, red or swollen.

To keep your teeth and gums healthy is choosing to eat the right foods, including celery, carrots and apples and adding fruits into your healthy diet, as well as practising good oral hygiene and regular cleaning.

There’s no denying that maintaining a healthy diet is just as important as keeping your gums pink and healthy if you want to enjoy a beautiful smile.

However, what your gum colour is, can say a lot about your health. When your gums are in poor condition, it’s an indication that your health may be, too. 

What leads to darker gums?

Patients who have darker gums are either genetic or commonly associated with heavy smoking, or showing signs of periodontal disease, or just that they may have a weaker immune system. Poor immune system is the result of bacterial growth.

How Does Gum Bleaching Work?

At Gentle Smile Dental Studio, we offer gum whitening (gum depigmentation), which is a safe and effective method of destroying the cells that produce melanin, and leave behind pink new tissue in place for your gums.

The procedure will require local anaesthesia and pain relief medications after treatment to ease any discomfort. 

This treatment is for Singaporeans who are worried about their gum colour.

Our aesthetics dentist will assess your gum during the consultation and offer you the right treatment to help you achieve a pink and healthy gum again.

Gum Whitening Costs and Timelines


The cost of the gum whitening treatment will vary depending on the degree, depth and location of the discolouration.

Each patient will have to be analysed on a case-by-case basis to determine how much treatment they require.

The cost ranges from $250 for a single tooth to cases where the whitening extends to the whole arch may range from $900 – $1500 per arch.


The procedure generally takes less than an hour depending on the colour and size of the dark patch.

Next Steps

The first step is to set up an initial consultation.

During this visit, Dr Kelvin Chua will do an oral assessment for you to ensure the gums are in good health before we proceed for the treatment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of gum whitening?

The cost ranges from $250 for a single tooth to $1,500 for a whole arch of teeth. Whitening an arch may range from $900 – $1500 per arch.

How do laser depigmentation procedures help gum bleaching?

Laser depigmentation targets melanin in the gums, removing dark spots and revealing a pinker, even-toned appearance, effectively bleaching hyperpigmented gum tissues.

Can I do gum whitening at home?

There are no home remedies. Gum whitening requires professional equipment and expertise. Attempting at home can lead to injury or ineffective results. Always consult a dentist for such procedures.

How long does the gum whitening laser treatment take?

The procedure generally takes less than an hour depending on the colour and size of the dark patch.

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