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Dr. Kelvin Chua

By Dr. Kelvin Chua & team

Clinical Director, Gentle Smile Dental Studio

Hi, I’m Dr. Kelvin Chua. Let me introduce you to our smile makeovers.

We are constantly appearing publicly in the limelight these days – in Instagram, in photos shared on WhatsApp, and on websites, in addition to classic face-to-face meetings. 

People can sense our confidence in a single glance. I know of some people who won’t ever smile and show their teeth.

Many of us aspire to get great teeth and the good news is that Gentle Smile Dental Studio can help you get teeth that are straight, proportional and white.

What Are Smile Makeovers?

Smile makeovers use a layered approach to create your ideal smile.

The main techniques used include multiple veneers and teeth whitening.

This involves looking at shape, colour and alignment.

What creates a pleasant smile?


The aesthetics of a smile are deeply influenced by the harmony and proportion of the teeth, with shape playing a pivotal role in creating that perfect visual appeal. 

A beautifully shaped tooth not only complements the facial features but also ensures a balanced and symmetrical appearance, which is often perceived as more attractive. 

Dental veneers, thin custom-made shells crafted from porcelain or composite resin, offer an effective solution to enhance or correct the shape of teeth. 

By adhering these veneers to the front surface of a tooth, we can artfully redesign the smile, rectifying issues like chipping, unevenness, or undesired gaps. 

Beyond veneers, you might consider getting dental implants which help mimic natural teeth in function and aesthetics. By filling gaps from lost teeth, implants restore the overall shape and symmetry of a smile, ensuring it remains balanced and visually appealing. 

teeth shape in a smile makeover


A harmoniously aligned set of teeth not only contributes to optimal oral function but also plays a pivotal role in aesthetic appeal. Misaligned teeth can detract from the natural beauty of a smile, often leading to decreased self-confidence and reluctance to smile openly. 

Proper alignment ensures that each tooth occupies its ideal position, creating a symmetrical and balanced appearance. This symmetry, in turn, enhances the overall facial aesthetics, making the smile a focal point of beauty and expression. 

Dental veneers can effectively mask minor misalignments, making teeth appear straighter without orthodontic treatment. They’re custom-made to fit over the front surface of teeth, instantly correcting gaps, overlaps, or slight twists. 

For more pronounced alignment issues, Invisalign can help physically move and realign the teeth.

teeth alignment in a smile makeover


The colour of our teeth can significantly influence perceptions of beauty, health, and youth. 

If you want perfectly white teeth, ceramic veneers can not only reshape but also brighten teeth to a desired shade, ensuring a consistently white smile. 

Alternatively, teeth whitening procedures can effectively lift away stains and discolorations, rejuvenating one’s smile.

At Gentle Smile Dental Studio, we have prescription-only kits that can significantly help you restore brightness to your teeth.

teeth colour in perfect smile makeover

Get to Know Your Smile Makeover Dentist

dentist kelvin chua giving a talk about short teeth syndrome

Hi, I’m Dr. Kelvin Chua

I am the clinical director for Gentle Smile Dental Studio.

My clinic’s goal is to help you craft a smile that you can feel confident about.

To give you a pleasant and gentle experience, I attend conferences to keep up with the latest methods and technology.

Since 2017, I have lectured regionally in Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, and South Korea on aesthetics, laser dentistry and digital dentistry.

Get in touch and we’ll discuss how to craft your perfect smile!

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How To Get A Smile Makeover?

Step 1: We begin by understanding what you hope to improve about your smiles. 

Step 2: We formulate the most balanced smile based on your gum-to-teeth proportions, with a primary focus on how your teeth can be improved. 

Step 3: We create a customised plan to ensure that our smile analysis aligns with your expectations.

Step 4: We provide a preview using Digital Smile Design (DSD) software which allows you to get a visual simulation of your final smile before commencing treatment.

Step 5: Trial Smile 

At the end of your consultation, we will create your Trial Smile. 

A Trial Smile is something you can wear and have a preview of how you will look after your smile makeover with us.

The Trial Smile is a removable, reversible physical mockup which you will place over your teeth.

Components In A Smile Makeover

There are three main components to getting a smile makeover: realign, brighten, reshape.

Realign ✓

This process involves straightening out incongruent or overlapping teeth.

In a Smile Makeover, realignment can be done with an Invisalign treatment, which involves placing a comfortable, see-through plastic aligner that adjusts teeth progressively.

This results in orderly and clean teeth for a graceful smile.

Brighten ✓

Over time the choices of food and drink such as coffee, smoking, and even age can lead to staining or discolouration of teeth.

This can be fixed with a brightening treatment, as it cleanses off the superficial stains to deeper stains.

Gentle Smile Dental Studio offers a take-home kit or an in-clinic brightening treatment.

Reshape ✓

Over time, your teeth will inevitably get worn down.

Smile Makeover utilises a few techniques to correct misshapen teeth starting with simple bonding which hides the damage caused to the teeth’s shape, colour and size.

Bonding uses composite resin which is known to accurately replicate human teeth.

This enhances your smile with minimal orthodontic inconvenience.

The next option involves choosing between composite or porcelain veneers based on the digital visualisation of your desired smile, which allows you to give your prototype smiles a trial run before finalising your permanent smiles. 

Types Of Smile Makeovers

Smile makeovers generally use 8-10 units of veneers, which are meticulously bonded to the front of your teeth, creating harmony and elevating your smile.

Ceramic Veneers

smile makeover with veneers

Composite Veneers

ceramic veneers singapore

Supplementary techniques


gentle smile invisalign treatment in singapore

Teeth Whitening

teeth whitening singapore dentist

Removing Silver/Mercury Fillings

mercury filling singapore replacement


dental implants singapore

Is A Same-Day Smile Makeover Possible?

Smile Makeover Costs In Singapore

Smile makeovers are a layered service.

Costs vary widely from $350 to $20,000.

As smile makeovers are a layered service, every person’s costs would vary based on how comprehensive the smile makeover is.

Dental veneers play a central role in a smile makeover. A single dental veneer runs from $700.

Since a smile makeover uses at least six units, therefore a smile makeover involving them would run between $6,000 to $20,000.

On the other hand, if your teeth have great shape and alignment, but have been stained over the years, then you might only need to get a teeth whitening service done. Teeth whitening starts from $350 to $950.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a smile makeover?

Smile makeovers help you achieve your ideal smile using various dental methods.

Types of smile makeovers

Gentle Smile Dental Studio will use various methods to achieve your perfect smile, including Invisalign, teeth whitening, ceramic veneers, implants and removing silver-mercury fillings.

Smile makeover cost in Singapore?

The cost of a smile makeover varies for each individual depending on the extent of the procedures involved. A set of veneers runs between $6,000 to $20,000, aiding in reshaping the smile for those desiring to show more teeth. Conversely, if the teeth are well-shaped and aligned but stained, a teeth whitening service ranging from $350 to $950 may suffice.

How long does a smile makeover take?

Dealing with minor discoloration requires a simple, quick visit for a teeth whitening session to attain a brighter smile.
However, more extensive treatments like implants, crowns, or veneers necessitate a longer wait; dental crowns can be a same-day solution, while others might take about two weeks to achieve the desired smile. For individuals requiring a complete realignment, the process is much longer, spanning around 6 months to two years.

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