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What is Invisalign Virtual Care?

Gentle Smile Dental Studio uses Invisalign Virtual Care as part of our Invisalign process. Virtual Care involves using your smartphone and the My Invisalign app to take photos that will be reviewed. The benefits are:

  • More teeth alignment monitoring touchpoints
  • Fewer in-clinic visits
  • Take Virtual Care photos at your convenience

Prior to Invisalign Virtual Care, in-clinic visits were scheduled for every six weeks. With Virtual Care, those visits are now between 10-20 weeks per visit. 

Plus, you can take the photos at any time, including after work, during your lunch break or even when you are overseas on holiday. Whereas traditionally, you will have to attend an in-clinic visit at a specific time. 

You will also receive feedback and monitoring every week, compared to the past when the only opportunity for feedback was every six weeks during the in-clinic visit.

Invisalign’s makers, Align Technology, created Virtual Care in March 2020, when the pandemic made visiting the dentist difficult. We adopted it a few years ago, and it has since become a cornerstone of our Invisalign practice.

How Does Invisalign Virtual Care Work?

Every week when it’s time to move onto the next aligner, you will send photos of your teeth to us using the My Invisalign app. Our dental hygienist, Winnie Tan, will review the photos you send and provide feedback.

As part of our onboarding process, our team will show you how to take photos. We could offer you a cheek retractor or a Invisalign Lens smartphone attachment that will help you with photo taking. The app will also help you get the right shot for our analyses.

We will look for signs that your teeth alignment is going well such as whether your teeth are following the ClinCheck treatment plan. If all is good, you will be notified to move onto the next set of aligners.

It We will also look for red flags like attachment loss and tracking issues. When detected, we will send you a personalised treatment modification such as:

  • Stay with the current aligners
  • Move to the next stage
  • Make an appointment for an in-clinic visit

Does Invisalign Virtual Care Cost Extra?

Your only cost might be for the Invisalign Lens or cheek retractor. Virtual Care itself is complimentary.

Gentle Smile Dental Studio does not charge extra for the Virtual Care service due to its highly-automated platform. If you have a modern, mainstream smartphone, it’s more than likely you will be able to take the photos required.