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How To Get Nice Teeth? Dentist Explains

I’ve been a cosmetic dentist for many years now and sometimes I get asked what a nice smile looks like. There’s no template answer because we have to customise it for you.

It comes down to genetics. You look different from me because we have different facial proportions, bone structures and natural teeth.

I have learnt a lot about crafting a smile for people and it generally comes down to three aspects: shape, alignment, colour.

The interplay of these three aspects is also the reason why we have a photo studio, as we consider all smile makeovers in the context of facial appearance.

As part of our smile makeovers, we give you a physical Trial Smile that you can wear and see the difference. We customise the Trial Smile with the Digital Smile Design software that simulates how you will look after treatment.

Shape: Cosmetic Teeth Reshaping

teeth shape in a smile makeover

When you smile, you want people to perceive you as friendly, warm and inviting. Shape conveys this meaning.

Let’s demonstrate the other extreme. If you have seen how vampires and dangerous animals look on TV, they exhibit sharp incisors ready to gnaw at their foes.

We don’t want that. Instead, we want a harmonious, proportional and gentle line flowing over your teeth. 

Let’s look at each aspect and the associated techniques to improve it.

  • Dental veneers are custom-made porcelain or composite resin veneer shells to correct shape issues such as chipping, unevenness, and gaps. 
  • Dental implants mimic natural teeth, filling gaps from lost teeth to restore shape and symmetry
  • Bioclear: a composite filling to reduce black, triangular gaps between your teeth.

Alignment: Veneers and Invisalign

teeth alignment in a smile makeover

Alignment also speaks to creating a balanced and symmetrical smile. We use techniques like veneers and Invisalign to align teeth that are angled forward or backward.

For minor misalignments, dental veneers can create the appearance of straighter teeth without resorting to orthodontic treatments. 

For larger misalignments, we use Invisalign to realign your teeth.

Colour: Professional Teeth Whitening

teeth colour in perfect smile makeover

Daily brushing might not keep your teeth white especially if you consume tinting foods and drinks like curry, coffee or wine. 

It’s here that you need to use stronger, prescription-only teeth whitening techniques to remove the yellow stains on your teeth.

Gentle Smile Dental Studio has an in-chair teeth whitening service as well as a take-home kit. These techniques are much stronger than any consumer-level teeth whitening solution and therefore results are much more noticeable.

Not all stains respond well to teeth whitening, and sometimes, you need a ceramic veneer to brighten teeth to a desired shade. Veneers are particularly helpful if you have a tooth that does not respond well to whitening and stands out as yellow.